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What does devHof mean?

Dev stands for developer and Hof means place/station. Hence, DevHof is a habitat for some of the top software developers in the world.

How this tech-talent paltform works?

DevHof is a tech platform where software developers and the employers can make their work portfolio for employers to gauge the skills of the candidatures that meet their business requirements. In order to be visible to the German employees, you need to make a work profile.

What skills and abilities are you looking for?

DevHof works with some of the best start-ups as well as some of the fastest-growing enterprises across Germany. We hire engineers with skills in Python, Ruby, ML/AI, iOS / Android, PHP, Node.js, Java/front-end development. The ones who have prior experience in working with reputable IT firms will always be given priority when hiring.

How much experience do I need?

IT engineers who have prior experience in solving complex and challenging technical problems are preferred by DevHof. You also need to have a graduation degree from a good university. If you are a contributor to the open-source projects, you will enjoy a higher probability of bagging a role. We at DevHof even help students to […]

When will companies be able to see my profile?

You can reach us out if you need any help with making your profile visible to the employers. Once we analyze your profile and approve it, it will become visible to selected companies. You also have the option to hide the visibility of your profile at any given moment.

Am I eligible to work in Germany?

You are eligible to work and stay in Germany as long as you have a German degree or equivalent recognized degree from other countries with work experience in the required domain.