First Things to do when you land in Germany

You finally see your dream job in Germany come alive. You are excited but nervous. We totally get it. The first few days in an alien country can be hard, particularly for someone coming from an INDIAN background. There are a few first musts to do when you first land in Germany. These things will […]

“Namaste” | 4 Profi-Tipps für den Umgang mit indischen Arbeitnehmern

Interkulturelle Unterschiede muss man erst einmal kennen, um sie beachten zu können. Als Resultat gestaltet sich die Zusammenarbeit deutscher Unternehmen und indischer Mitarbeiter beiderseits einfacher. Wir von Cybotics-/devHof wissen aus eigener Erfahrung um die Problematik; so wollen wir Arbeitgeber und Personaler bei dieser Herausforderung unterstützen. Den Weg zur Integration hat Ihr indischer Mitarbeiter zu leisten. […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Working in Germany

Setting foot in a foreign land comes with thrills, fears, and adventures. And when you’re looking for a long time career in a country like Germany, it makes sense to not just get acquainted with its cultural setting but also understand ethics and behaviors that are publicly acceptable. These will also help you avoid mistakes […]

Erleichterte Einstellung von IT-Spezialisten durch neues Gesetz

Am 1. März 2020 tritt das neue Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz für Deutschland in Kraft. Dadurch wird es jetzt leichter für deutsche Unternehmen, qualifizierte Arbeitskräfte aus Nicht-EU-Ländern (wie z.B. Indien) einzustellen. Für den IT-Bereich gelten besonders günstige Regelungen. Wesentliche Änderungen zur bisherigen Gesetzeslage Durch das Gesetz werden einige der bisher sehr hohen Hürden, die den Zuzug ausländischer Fachkräfte […]

Top Ways Indians can nail their German Interview

Interviews can be intimidating. No matter if you’re appearing for a domestic firm, an international firm, or interviewing abroad, interview fears are just inevitable. Indians are much used to domestic interviews, as their interviewers are their Indian counterparts who can quickly gauge and select them.  But when it comes to interviewing at international levels, there […]

How Indians are leading the world’s top tech companies?

Each day when media covers a story that glorifies the exceptional leadership of Indians abroad, a hard-working Indian is inspired. Every Time an Indian goes on to become a CXO at an international firm, the eyes of a million Indians sparkle with aspirations and opportunities. And why not? Indians are no longer the passive workers […]

Everything you need to know about writing a German Resume

Germany has been and is going to be the top corporate destination for the skilled technical workforce from India in some upcoming years. The recent visit of German vice chancellor to India regarding the skill shortage in Germany marks the beginning of this fruitful opportunity for Indian workforce. It is going to be a once […]